• Great Staff, Top of the Line Facilities!
  • Great Staff, Top of the Line Facilities!
  • Great Staff, Top of the Line Facilities!
  • Great Staff, Top of the Line Facilities!
  • The Best in Free Weights and Machine Equipment!
  • The Best in Free Weights and Machine Equipment!
  • The Best in Free Weights and Machine Equipment!
  • The Best in Free Weights and Machine Equipment!
  • The Best in Free Weights and Machine Equipment!
  • Racquetball or Tennis Anyone?
  • Racquetball or Tennis Anyone?
  • Racquetball or Tennis Anyone?
  • Racquetball or Tennis Anyone?
  • Racquetball or Tennis Anyone?
  • Racquetball or Tennis Anyone?
  • Lessons for Everyone!
  • Lessons for Everyone!
  • Yoga is not just for the ladies...Kids like it too!
  • Yoga is not just for the ladies...Kids like it too!
  • Indoor / Outdoor Pool for All Year Enjoyment!
  • Indoor / Outdoor Pool for All Year Enjoyment!
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Cardio Core

Cardio/Core is a 30-40 minute session focusing on total core strengthening, and flexibility. Mainly utilizing bodyweight exercises. Partnered with cardio based exercises to get the heart and breathing rates elevated. With the ultimate goal of strengthening the heart, lungs, and core, while burning calories, and having a fun workout!


The use a combination of exercises to work various parts of the body. The aim is to reduce the risk of injury and improve overall fitness and strength levels. The intensity level with a cross training workout is really up to you. It depends on what you choose regarding weight and or speed.

H2O Fitness

Water aerobics is the performance of aerobic exercise in fairly shallow water such as in a swimming pool. Done mostly vertically and without swimming typically in waist deep or deeper water, it is a type of resistance training. This is a great way to keep active if you've experienced any type of injury to the knees. 


Pilates is a form of strength and flexibility training that can be done by someone at any level of fitness. It promotes a feeling of physical and mental wellbeing and also develops inner physical awareness. Pilates is also helpful in preventing and rehabilitating from injuries, improving posture, and increasing flexibility, circulation, and balance.

Strong and Steady

This 45-minute class consists of exercises that improve your ability to complete your daily activities or to achieve a specific goal.  It adapts daily movements as exercises that allow you to move more easily and without injuries.  It will help increase your strength, mobility, coordination, and balance.  We will focus on strengthening the core muscles, the muscles in the hips, and shoulders. Exercises can be performed standing or sitting and we will use the ballet bars for balance training. Modifications are made for mobility-impaired individuals.


STEP aerobics uses a height-adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step to get your heart pumping and calories burning. Cardio blocks push fat burning systems into high gear followed by muscle conditioning tracks that shape and tone your body. 


Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that, today, is practiced as a graceful form of exercise. It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. Each posture flows into the next without pause keeping your body in constant motion. 

TRX- Total body resistence exercise

This 45-minute class combines the use of TRX straps with other strength and cardio exercises for a total body workout.  It is designed to increase your strength and aerobic fitness while burning lots of calories with the non-stop pace. It consists of switching between the TRX straps, free weights, body weight, core, and balance exercises.  Each exercise is performed for 45 second then quickly switching to the next exercise.  Options are provided for varying levels.  All levels are welcome!


Check out our Zumba classes! Zumba sessions are typically about an hour long and the exercises include music with fast and slow rhythms, as well as resistance training. Zumba targets the abs, thighs, arms, and other muscles throughout the body. Ditch the workout…join the party! 


Improve your strength and flexibility in our 60 minute Yoga classes. Beginners to advanced will get maximum benefit from our classes. 



Our fitness center is full of state of the art Cybex strength and cardio machines on both floors. 

Equipment Orientation

Every member is provided the opportunity to schedule an equipment orientation with one of our personal trainers to become familiar with the equipment.  During the orientation you will be given instructions on making the proper machine adjustments that are applicable to your body.  Tips are provided on form, number of repetitions, and how many sets to do during a workout.

Age Requirements 

Ages 16 and over 
Unrestricted use of all fitness facilities and equipment. Need not be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

Use of all cardiovascular, weight equipment and group exercise rooms require direct supervision from an adult (parent or legal guardian) at all times. Other activity areas (basketball court, racquetball courts, running track) require a parent or legal guardian to be in the facility. 

Ages 8-12 
All cardiovascular, weight equipment and group exercise rooms are prohibited. Other activity areas (basketball court, racquetball courts, running track) require interactive supervision from an adult at all times.

Ages 7 and under 
Not allowed on any fitness equipment. They are allowed in the community areas with direct parent supervision or they can be checked into the Child Care


*Members must be 16 years and older in order to use free weight equipment without supervision.



We have one racquetball courts available to our members to use.  Reservations are not required but are welcome.


We have two newly restored tennis courts available to our members.  Tennis lessons are available from our tennis coach.

Reservation Policy

Racquetball and Tennis Courts can be reserved up to 24 hours ahead of time. Standard reservation time for up to Two individuals is 1 hour and for four player games reservations can be made for up to 1½ hours.

If reservations are back-to-back we ask that every effort be made to have the court available for the next reservation.

If the court reservation players do not arrive within 10 minutes of the assigned court time the court will be given up to any players in waiting.

Tennis Lessons:

We have a tennis coach who offers private and group tennis lessons as well as tennis camps for adults and children.  Contact the Welcome Desk at 210 651-6505.


The pool is open Monday - Friday form 6am -9pm.  Saturday and Sunday from 8am - 8pm.  

The pool is closed Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 10:00 am of our water group fitness classes.

There may be times we close the pool during private pool parties and during wedding ceremonies.  The additional closures will be communicated through our weekly email.

We offer Swimming lessons as early as 3 months of age at various times throughout the year.  Contact our swim instructor Jackie Wood at 210-844-3054 or email her at jackie@swimstrongacademy for lesson information. 

Bad Weather 

In the event of thunder or lightning, the pool must be cleared of swimmers immediately. Everyone should seek shelter in the fitness center. Due to limited cover and the severity of the storm, patrons may be asked to leave the facility.

The pool is to remain clear of swimmers at least 30 minutes after thunder and/or the last visible lightning. Remember! Just because you can’t see a thunderstorm doesn’t mean it cannot be dangerous. Lightning can travel up to 50 miles horizontally before making contact


Membership Classifications

Family Membership -  Family members of the same household are eligible for a family membership.

Individual - Membership is available on an individual basis.

Student - Student memberships are available at a discount for high school and college students with a valid student ID. 

Corporate -  Corporate memberships with discounted pricing will be available for negotiated contracts with 5 paid memberships or more.  Corporate contracts are paid fully by the business whether membership is a benefit or paid for by the employee through payroll deductions.  Please contact us for more information.

Membership Privileges

  • 15,000 Square Foot Fitness Center
  • State of the art Cybex Fitness Equipment
  • Crosstraining
  • Premium Spa Amenities and Towel Service
  • Child Care
  • Massage Therapy
  • Manicured and Freshly Landscaped Grounds
  • Family Gathering Place
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Relaxing Heated Pool
  • Fishing
  • Tennis and Racquetball
  • Playground
  • Indoor Basketball shooting court
  • Social Events and Activities
  • Discounted Private Event Space